• "... There is in her pictorial orchestrations an insatiable fantasy to paint and to depict the world as a gigantic farce.
        Her creative rage confers to her the power of ré-give birth to an original and imaginative painting in which an unpredictable bestiary would translate the weaknesses of the human being.
        Although it emanates from her work an indisputable gravity, Daflo persists in questioning us about the perpetual fragment in her work : this fragment, symbol of the fragility and the poetry which connect us with life, feelings and our original emotions."

    Pierre MAYET  - february 2009 -

  • "My artistic work evolved in a natural way around series of which the weft bases on the internal space of the human being, its duality and its relation to the world which surrounds it ... where from "country-souls", the title of a série at the origine of my artistic process."

    "An artist is above all a weaver; he connects the thread of his life, of his own story with the interlacing of the universality..."

    "The childhood is indeed this fragile and poetic base on which the human being tries to build his life..."

    "Life is sometimes too grave so that we still take it seriously..."